Kumamoto Earthquake Library

Kumamoto University Library has collected and preserved many materials about 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake.
These materials have been exhibiting in the library and also our web page for all concerned since 2016.10.14 as "Kumamoto Earthquake Library".
We intend to continue carrying out this activity for social contribution, so we wish you to send the materials you have.

Exhibition (in central Library)

Books, magazines, journals, research papers, resumes, leaflets, photograghs, exhibition panels
from various associations and indivisuals are exhibiting in central library.(South Wing)
Only viewing and copying these materials(not borrowing).
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You can search these items by OPAC. The itmes are placed in order.


Pubulic information pamphlet, other brochures. The items are placed separately.
Lists of materials.

1page leaflet

Saved in the file by classification. Lists of materials.

Audio Visual materials

When you want to view these materials, please ask for help at the library counter.


"KUMAMOTO NICHINICHI SHIMBUN"(from 2016/4/14 to 2017/4/30) is bound and exhibited.
Other newspapers are located in 「Central Library・North Wing」.
When you want to view the newspapers, please go to library counter. Lists of materials.

ListsTabloid materials

Public information papers of Kumamoto prefecture and Kumamoto city free papers are preserved in 「Central Library・North Wing」
When you want to view the items, please go to library counter. Lists of materials.

※Notice! Browse of Newspaper and Tabloid materials

①Please inform us your name, address, date, and the items you want to browsing by 12:00 on the day before the hoped date of use.
*Only on weekdays.
*If you want to use a lagre amount of items, please inform us on a day as early as possible.

【Our Address】
tos-sougo「at sign」jimu.kumamoto-u.ac.jp
(※Excahange 「at sign」 for the 「@」)

②Please go to library counter at the scheduled day, and receive the item.

③Please browse the item at the specified erea in the library. After the use, please return the item to the counter.

Kumamoto Earthquake Library (Web Ver.)

link to web page related to materials donated for "Kumamoto Earthquake Library (Web Ver.)"
action on 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake by administrations and universities

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