How to Use

Library Cards


Your student ID card is your library card.

Faculty Members

Your Kumamoto University staff ID card is your library card. If you do not possess a Kumamoto University staff ID card, please contact the HR representative of your department to request the issuance of one.
If you have not been issued with a Kumamoto University staff ID card, please inquire at the library counter in your nearest Kumamoto University library, where we will be happy to create a library card for you.

Entering the Library

You need to use your library card to enter libraries fitted with entrance gates.

If you forget your library card:

Please inform a member of staff at the library counter and follow the instructions given to you.

Visitors using wheelchairs

For visitors requiring assistance, such as visitors in wheelchairs, please call for help using the intercom.

Leaving the Library

An alarm will sound and the exit gate will close if a visitor attempts to remove materials without first checking them out. If you trigger the alarm, we are obliged to check your belongings at the library counter before allowing you to leave. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
Please note that any of the following objects may accidentally trigger the gate alarm.

  • Materials borrowed from another university through an interlibrary loan
  • CD/DVD rentals, etc.
  • Mobile phones and portable music players