Ordering Reference Copies from Other Campuses

You can order copies of materials located on other campuses and pick them up at the campus nearest to you. You will be charged a fee for the copies.

How to Apply

Fill in the requester information (name, contact info) along with information regarding the material you would like to copy on the Reference Copy Application Form and submit it to the library counter. You can also apply online by logging in to MyLibrary and choosing ILL Reference Copy/Library Loan Request. Once the copies arrive, you may pick them up at the library counter in exchange for the copy fee (the copy fee is not required if charged to the University).
Copy fee (per copy):
*Payment cannot be made with research funding
  • Paying by yourself (cash): 20 yen (black and white); 80 yen (color)
  • Charging to the University (to be deducted from budget): 10 yen (black and white); 40 yen (color)
  • Applications cannot be canceled!
  • Due to copyright laws, one application is necessary for each article requested.
  • Due to copyright laws, all pages of a book or magazine cannot be copied.
  • If the material is also located on the campus at which you are based, you may be asked to use that material instead.
  • If you charge the copy fee to the University, please tell us your budget number.
  • For students wishing to charge the copy fee to the University, please fill in the name of the faculty member from whom you received permission.
  • Materials that have been used, etc., and thus are not available within the University will be ordered from outside the University.


Central Library Main Building Interlibrary Access E-mail: tos-sougo@*
Medical Library Medical Branch E-mail: tos-igaku@*
Pharmacy Library Pharmacy Branch E-mail: tos-yaku@*

(Replace " * " with "jimu.kumamoto-u.ac.jp" when sending.)