Central library

Central Library

The Central Library provides services to students and faculty members on the Kurokami Campus, as well as to all members of the University as the University’s Central Library.
The collection at the Central Library spans all fields, and also houses collections of rare books, including the Documents of the Aso Family.
Address: 2-40-1 Kurokami, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi, 860-8555 JAPAN
Access (Kurokami North Campus)


Calendar (in Japanese)
Floor Guide
Library Guide
Students and Faculty, ■Visitor
Floor Guide
1st Floor Learning commons / Active area / Writing support area / Group study room 1-3 / PC corner / Circulation desk / Reference desk / Old documents reading room / Copy corner / Refresh room / multi purpose lounge / Audiovisual corner / Newspapers / Reference books / Materials related to Kumamoto Prefecture / Kumamoto University collection / Kumamoto Regional Studies
2nd Floor Reading Room / PC corner / Especially silent room / Celllar phone booth
Basement, 1st Floor (Archives) Old Japanese Books (Natural Sciences, Linguistics, Literature), Old Reference Books
Basement, 2nd Floor (Archives) Old Japanese Books (Humanities), Foreign Books, Back Issues of Periodicals
1st Floor

Learning Commons

Active area, Writing support area, Group study room.

The space designed to be used for group work, discussion, and rehearsal of presentation.

Reading Area #3

Contains periodicals, newspapers (excluding current day's newspapers), the Kumadai Corner (collection of materials related to Kumadai), and various collections of materials related to Kumamoto Prefecture, foreign books, etc.

Center 1st Floor

2nd Floor

Reading Area #2

Natural sciences-related Japanese books (call numbers 000-099, 400-699) and Open University texts.

Center 2nd Floor

Basement, 1st Floor

Entrance to the South Annex B1F archives is prohibited.

Center Basement 1st Floor

Basement, 2nd Floor

Periodicals are divided into university bulletins published by research institutions (universities, etc.), Japanese periodicals, and foreign periodicals.
University bulletins are organized alphabetically by name of the publishing university; Japanese/foreign periodicals are organized alphabetically by title.

Center Basement 2nd Floor

Library Guide

★Students and Faculty Members

When borrowing items, please bring your student ID and the material you would like to borrow to the library counter.
There is also an automatic check-out machine located in the Central Library for checking out and renewing books.
Bring only the materials borrowed to the library counter when returning books. When the library is closed, please place borrowed items in the book drops provided.
Periodicals cannot be borrowed.

Book Limit, Borrowing Period, Renewals

*The borrowing period is extended when the Library is closed.

Status # of books Borrowing periods Max # Renewals
Undergraduates 5 vols. 14 days 2 times
Graduate 10 vols. 30 days 2 times
Faculty Member 20 vols. 30 days 2 times

Long-Term Borrowing for Graduation Theses

The Library can lend an additional 10 items for 60 days if the materials are for use in completing one's graduation thesis. An application is necessary. Please visit a library counter for details.

★Guide for Visitors

Scope of use:

Viewing, borrowing, and photographing general materials located in the Central Library, making inquiries (reference services)

*A library card is required for visitors wishing to borrow materials.

*Please refrain from using the Library during examination periods as many University students require the Library's services.

(Examination periods: 1st semester: end of July to beginning of August; 2nd semester: end of January to beginning of February)

*Parking spaces are limited; therefore we advise using public transportation when visiting the Library.