My library service

Permitted Users

Anyone affiliated with Kumamoto University may use the MyLibrary system.

Kumamoto University Students, Faculty Members, Staff:

Login to the Kumamoto University Portal. Your University Portal ID and password are required to login.

Part-Time Teachers, Emeritus Professors, other researchers at Kumamoto University who do not have a Portal ID:

Login by entering your library card number and your password.



Main Services

MyLibrary provides access to various Kumamoto University Library services on the Web. The functions listed below can be used from anywhere that can connect to the Kumamoto University Portal.

Requesting Reference Copies, Interlibrary Loans

Copying fees/postage are required for the following services:

  • Applying for reference copies from outside the University
  • Applying to borrow books from outside the University
  • On the MyLibrary ILL Reference Copy/Book Loan Request screen, choose "New Request," and choose the library counter from which you would like to pick up the copied/loaned material.
  • For users who wish to use their University budget, please check "University expenditure."
Campus Help Desk Tel
Kurokami Area Central Library 096-342-2227
Honjou Area Medical Library 096-373-5035
Ōe Area Pharmacy Library 096-371-4660

Important Note Regarding Forgotten Passwords

Be careful with your password. Be careful not to tell it to other people.

Please understand that the Library is not responsible for any damages due to a leaked password or unauthorized use.

If you forget your password:

Kumamoto University Students, Faculty, Staff:

Please call the extension numbers listed below if you are able to connect to the Kumamoto University Portal system. Your ID is valid for as long as you are enrolled at the University.

Please note that if you change your status (e.g., from an undergraduate to a graduate), your ID will change.

  • Students:Kyomu Section of Your depertment
  • Faculty members/Staff:Joho-Kikaku Unit

For users using their library card number and password:

Please inform a member of staff at any library counter.

Procedures for using MyLibrary


Electronic Information Services, Library System 096-342-2224

And please check "Contact Information".