Borrowing, Returning, and Reserving Materials

Borrowing Items

Please bring your library card and the material you would like to borrow to the library counter. There is also an automatic check-out machine located in the Central Library. Please see the usage guidelines for each library below for borrowing restrictions.


You may renew materials up to two times, provided that they are not overdue and have not been reserved by another user. If you would like to renew materials, please bring them along with your library card to the library counter.

Moreover, you can also renew materials online using MyLibrary. The renewal period shall be calculated from the day you applied for the renewal on MyLibrary (not from the due date of the materials).

Materials that Cannot be Borrowed

Under normal circumstances, the following materials cannot be borrowed:

  • Rare books
  • Reference books
  • Magazines (including periodicals such as yearbooks, governmental publications, etc.)
  • Newspapers
  • Audiovisual materials, etc.
  • Microforms (microfilm, microfiche, etc.)
  • Maps
  • Other materials labeled for use in the library only
If you lose or damage borrowed materials

You are responsible for replacing any damaged or lost materials. Please report any losses or damage to the library counter as soon as possible.


Please return borrowed items to the library counter prior to the due date. When the library is closed, please place borrowed items in the book drops provided.

Overdue Materials

Please return borrowed materials prior to the due date. If you have not returned any overdue materials on time, you will not be able to borrow any more books. The penalty for a late return is the removal of borrowing privileges for a set period of time.

If you graduate, study abroad, or leave the University

Please return all loaned items when graduating, studying abroad, or leaving the University.

Reserving Materials

If a book is on loan, you may reserve it. You will then have first priority for checking the book out once it has been returned to the library. Please apply by clicking the Kumamoto University OPAC Reservation/Order button and logging in to MyLibrary. You can also make reservations at the library counter. Please note that some materials are not available for reservation, while other materials may take longer before they can be reserved or borrowed. For further details, please ask at the library counter.