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General Use

Scopus  access.png  GakuNin.png

Coverage: International   Access:  On campus   Off campus

The world's largest abstract database, with nearly 19,500 titles covering science, technology, medicine, the social sciences, and the humanities.

Years available: 1996- (medicine: 1960-, some from 1847 and after)
Web of Science  access.png

Coverage: International   Access:  On campus

Kumamoto University users can use the Science Citation Index Expanded.
Essential data from over 8,500 of the world's leading scientific and technical journals.

Years available: 1980- present

Journal Citation Reports   access.png

Coverage: International Access:  On campus
Journal Citation Reports is a tool for measuring the importance and influence (impact factor) of journals. The Science Edition is available to Kumamoto University users.

CiNii Articles   access.png  GakuNin.png

Coverage:  Japanese  Access:  On campus   Off campus 
A database of Japanese journal literature provided by the National Institute of Informatics (NII). CiNii Articles searches academic research information, such as research society journals and university research bulletins.

Nikkei Business Publications Article Search Service (University Edition)   access.png

Coverage: Japanese  Access:  On campus
The Nikkei Business Publication Article Search Service is an online service that provides text format (body text only) and PDF format (includes entire article and magazine images) for backnumbered issues of magazines published by Nikkei BP.




JSTOR Arts & Sciences I Collection + IV Collection  access.png

Coverage: International  Access: On campus
JSTOR is a collection of digitized full-text versions of backnumbered academic journals, starting with first editions up until issues published within the last 1-5 years.
Kumamoto University users can use the following two collections within JSTOR.
Arts & Sciences I Collection
Collection of important journals in the fields of humanities and social sciences (economics, history, political science, etc.), as well as journals on environmental science, mathematics, and statistics.
Arts & Sciences IV Collection
Collection on economics, history, Asian studies, archaeology, classics, and regional studies (Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, the Slavic regions, etc.)

ERIC   access.png

Coverage: International Access: Open
ERIC is a database of education literature provided by the U.S. Department of Education. It contains information (citation information, abstracts, etc.) on over 1.2 million education-related materials.



Law  access.png

Coverage: International Access: On campus

・Law information
・News and business information
・Business information

HeinOnline access.png

Coverage: International Access: On campus

HeinOnline is a database that offers full-text versions of over 1200 major law periodicals and literature sources, from their first issue onwards. HeinOnline additionally provides access to the U.S. Federal Register (full text), U.S. Reports (full text, available from first issue in 1754), the U.S. Treaties and Agreements Library, English Reports, bills, and precedents.

19th & 20th Century House of Commons Parliamentary Papers (HCPP), NII-REO access.png

Coverage: International Access: On campus

The HCPP allows for searching and viewing of bibliographic information and texts in documentation from the 19th (1801-1900) and 20th (1901-2004) century House of Commons of the United Kingdom. The HCPP includes images (figures, maps, etc.) that accompany the documents.

LEX/DB Internet  access.png

Coverage: Japanese Access: On campus

LEX/DB Internet is the largest full-text database in Japan, comprised of a comprehensive collection of Japanese Supreme Court cases spanning from 1875 to present.

Houritsu Bunken Sougou Index (Hobs)  access.png

Coverage:  Japanese  Access:  On campus

"Hobs" is a database comprised of bibliographic information and precedent commentary from Nippon Hyoron Sha's Houritsu Jihou (all issues from the first issue in 1929 up until two months prior to the most recent issue).



Natural Sciences

MathSciNet  access.png

Coverage: International Access: On campus
MathSciNet is a searchable database of bibliographic information and abstracts for mathematics-related books, periodicals, and academic society bulletins.

SciFinder for Academics (Web Version)  access.png

Coverage: International Access: On campus
SciFinder provides numerous methods for searching the world's most expansive collection of information on chemistry and related sciences.

INIS  access.png

Coverage: International Access: Open

The INIS database is a database of literature on nuclear energy hosted by the International Nuclear Information System.




PubMed  access.png

Coverage:  International  Access:  Open
PubMed is the largest life sciences literature database, and is based around MEDLINE literature provided by the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Japan Medical Abstracts Society Ichushi Web  access.png

Coverage:  Japanese  Access:  On campus

Contains periodical publications on medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy published by Japanese universities, academic societies, laboratories, hospitals, etc. more info
Access notes: Max simultaneous users = 3. Please remember to log out after use.

Medical Online  access.png

Coverage:  Japanese  Access:  On campus
Medical Online provides abstract and full-text browsing of Japan's medical and specialized academic journals.