Ordering Materials from Other Institutions

Materials which are not available within the University may be ordered from other institutions, such as other universities (excluding periodicals).

How to Apply

Fill in the requester information (name, contact info) along with information regarding the material you would like to order on a Reference Copy Application Form available in each of the libraries, and submit it to the relevant counter. When charging the application to the University, you must have the consent of a faculty member. You can also apply online by logging in to MyLibrary and choosing ILL Reference Copy/Library Loan Request. Materials are available at the library counter upon arrival. Materials ordered from other institutions through this service must be returned to the place from which they were checked out.


Orders will incur fees for round-trip shipping. Shipping fees depend on the size and weight of the materials, but a minimum of 1000 yen is required. Please note some libraries require additional charges. This can be charged to the University, paid for by yourself, or paid for using research funding.

Important Notes regarding Applications

Please fill in bibliographic information fully and accurately (avoiding abbreviations).
Please apply only after confirming that the material is not available within the University.

  • Fees may be charged to the university, paid for by yourself, or paid for using research funding.
  • Magazines, reference books, rare books, etc., cannot be ordered.
  • Applications cannot be canceled!
  • Depending on the condition of the material, etc., borrowing may be refused or restricted to on-site viewing only.
  • You must strictly abide by the due date for all materials borrowed.
  • Please take care in handling borrowed materials. If the material is lost or damaged, you will be asked to pay for a replacement item.


Central Library Main Building Interlibrary Access E-mail: tos-sougo@*
Medical Library Medical Branch E-mail: tos-igaku@*
Pharmacy Library Pharmacy Branch E-mail: tos-yaku@*

(Replace " * " with "jimu.kumamoto-u.ac.jp" when sending.)